Oversize Scanning
From Slides and Negatives to Tabloid Size

[picture]VV Graphics can scan your oversize materials, such as newspapers and tabloid magazines on our new high resolution professional Microtek Scanmaker 1000XL Scanner.

Microtek holds over 100 patents worldwide and continues to provide a wide range of scanners to the photography, prepress, graphic design, and document imaging markets.

With an optical resolution of 3200 dpi and a massive scan bed of 12" x 17", the ScanMaker 1000XL is the highest-resolution tabloid-size flatbed scanner on the market today. And with DIGITAL ICE Technology and Microtek's ColoRescueª, it's easy to correct damaged photos and restore faded color in photos and film.

Full 48-bit color for richer and smoother tonal values

  • Delivers more image detail in shadow and highlight areas for more true-to-life representation of your original
  • Multiple sampling reduces image noise by sampling each line of image data multiple times, resulting in purer image output
  • 41,300-element CCD provides superior images
  • 3200 x 6400-dpi resolution allows greater enlargement of scanned images

    VV Graphics can scan your oversize documents and save them in various formats (e.g. Photoshop file, TIF, JPG, EPS, PDF).

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